Gas Lighters Galore are suppliers (since 1969) of
Kitchen, BBQ, Restaurant and Welding gas lighters.

We offer a unique range of PiezoElectric, Flint & Flame Gas Lighters. These are especially designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of gases and uses from the Professional to the everyday customer. These Gas Lighters are the perfect Lighter for the Kitchen Stove, Oven, BBQ and anywhere a gas lighter is required and will light all types of gases.

What does Piezoelectric mean?

Piezoelectricity is used to create the spark in your gas stoves and barbecues. Press the lighter switch and you’ll hear a clicking sound and see sparks appear. What you’re doing, when you press the switch, is squeezing a piezoelectric crystal, generating a voltage, and making a spark fly across a small gap.
This is the same action when you press the button on any of our Piezo Lighters.

Popular lighters:

  • The Everest: One of our most popular kitchen Piezo electric gas lighters. The robust stainless steel construction makes this a very hardy lighter and the rubber push button top provides ease of operation. This is a single spark gas lighter. The EVEREST overall length is 18.5cm (7 1/2″) and requires no fuel or flints.
  • The Probe: For the ultimate in safety and ease of operation the PROBE gas lighter has it all. With a long stainless steel shaft (22cm) and easy push button handle. This lighter produces a spark so there is no need for fuel, flints or batteries saving all the hassle of refilling just when you need it. Recommended for Kitchen Stoves & Ovens, Portable gas stoves and burners, BBQ’s, and especially for commercial use in restaurants or anywhere a long reach is required.
  • The Blitsy spark gas lighter: The most popular for home use of the gas lighters in our range. It’s stylish and colourful design available in red or black is the perfect accessory for the modern kitchen.
  • Replacement Flints For Rock Gas Lighter: Sold In Packs Of 20 – One Flint Lasts 1,000 Operations. Try them!