Gas Lighters Galore

Gas Lighters Galore are suppliers (since 1969) of Kitchen, BBQ, Restaurant and Welding gas lighters.
We offer a unique range of PiezoElectric, Flint & Flame Lighters.
Especially designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of gases and uses from the Professional to the everyday customer.
These Gas Lighters are the perfect Gas Lighter for the Kitchen Stove, Oven, BBQ and anywhere a gas lighter is required and will light all types of gases.

What does Piezoelectric mean? 
Piezoelectricity is used, to create the spark in your gas stoves and barbecues. Press the lighter switch and you’ll hear a clicking sound and see sparks appear. What you’re doing, when you press the switch, is squeezing a piezoelectric crystal, generating a voltage, and making a spark fly across a small gap.
This is the same action when you press the button on any of our Piezo Lighters.